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The Gateway Group

Consulting for the Food and Beverage Industry


The Gateway Group

Looking to set up your food or beverage business in the USA? Look no further for assistance!

Thank you for your interest in the Gateway Group. We are a market entry company specialized in assisting small and medium-sized businesses to set up food and beverage co-packing and distribution in the USA.

Our specialized team has well over 100 years of experience in all aspects of formulation, production operations, quality assurance, and distribution. You may trust us to be a reliable partner to help you achieve your business goals.



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Product Consulting

Talk to us about your issues and difficulties. With our extensive experience in beverage industry, we can assist to your satisfaction.

Manufacturing and Co-Packing

We specialize in securing and setting up co-packing operations to fulfill your requirements including quality assurance and product analysis. We also do process design and equipment specification.

Product Development and Regulatory Support

We can assist with your product development needs as well as verify that product formulas and ingredients are in compliance with state and federal requirements. We provide guidance in label development, nutritional content and ingredient listings.

Process Scale-up

This is the task of taking your product from the lab bench or small scale pilot plant to a full-scale commercial process. With many decades of processing experience we can provide you with the most efficient method to profitably get your product into the hands of the consumer.

Quality Assurance

We develop ingredient and product specifications, assist with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and development, and implement quality assurance systems to be certain that your product delivers what you want to the consumer.


This is the task of bringing your product to the consumer from the warehouse. Depending on the type of product, obtaining distribution in the USA can be difficult to understand and secure. Whether it is via DSD (direct store distribution), chain-store delivery or ecommerce, we have many years of experience in working with F&B distribution networks across the US and can reliably assist in getting your product in front of the consumer across all 50 states.

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Past and Current Clients

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We look forward to adding your brand to our portfolio.

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Fuel for Thought at the Healthy Brands show in New York City

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